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Matrix JEE Academy

Opposite Reliance Petrol Pump, Piprali Rd, Jat Colony
City : SIKAR
District : SIKAR
Pin No. : 332001
Website : http://www.matrixedu.in/  
Phone : 97836 21999
Mobile : 9828218189
Mobile : 97836 31999
Email : info@matrixedu.in
Details :

Matrix was started with a vision to provide such quality of education to students in Sikar so that nobody would ever need to move to places like Kota, Delhi & Jaipur for JEE coaching.

When we started Matrix in Sikar, mostly three types of students came to Sikar for JEE coaching.

First, students who didn't have strong financial backing but parents still wanted their wards to follow the IIT dream. These students stayed back because the cost of education & living in Sikar are significantly lower than Kota & Delhi. Second, girl students whose parents also wanted best education for them but aren't comfortable sending them to Kota/Delhi due to security concerns.

Third, there were students who are misguided that there was not much difference in the quality of education in Sikar vis-a-vis Kota.

Very early on, what we realized is that, though most local coaching institutes showed exaggerated & misleading results in their advertisements, few really made the effort to really change the results. There was no accountability on the results and students felt duped many a times. In last few years, some of the well-known institutions from Kota had also opened their centres/franchisees in Sikar. However, given that these centres were very small in comparison to their counterpart in Kota (Most of these centres have about 300-400 students, while their Kota centres have about 10,000 students each), the faculty quality in these centers remained questionable. As a result, an impression was formed that quality of coaching in Kota, particularly for JEE is better, and rightly so.

When we started Matrix, we had hoped to change the scenario and fulfill our promises made to each and every individual student depending on their merit.

Today we stand vindicated. We have almost realized our first objective. While a lot of serious JEE aspirants used to flock to places like Jaipur and Kota in the past, less than 1% student move out of the city anymore. What more, an increasing number of students from northern Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab have also started choosing Matrix in Sikar for JEE preparation. We have been able to successfully change the discourse of JEE coaching in Sikar. We have set new standards in terms of methodology of teaching and faculty quality. Our stupendous growth in just 2 years is a testament to our quality and changing belief of students and teachers. Though we started with just 3 teachers in 2014, as of March 2017, we have a team of 25+ faculty members with ~20 of them from prestigious IITs and NITs.

We have never compared ourselves with others. We sincerely believe that there is simply no comparison between Matrix and other institutes. And we are very confident that anyone, who has either studied or taught at multiple coaching institutes, would vouch for this fact. We strive everyday to ensure that Matrix of today is a better version of Matrix of yesterday. And this has been our most important success mantra till date. We have very strong reasons to believe that quality of faculty and overall learning experience at Matrix are much better than any other institution in the country. Over the first two years, we have sent more than 200 students to prestigious IITs and NITs while breaking many result records. Highest success rate with class 12th, highest JEE score ever, most no. of students with 200+ marks, maximum JEE advanced selection etc. are few of the records that we have broken in first two years only.

We promise to continue working hard and produce better results every passing year. We also wish you all the best for your future and hope that you realize all your dreams.

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